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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pseudo-Moralist Barry Pittard

Pseudo-Moralist Barry Pittard

Barry Pittard (a laughable critic, defamer and libeler of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba) had the audacity to criticize Moreno for “photo attacks” and “diabolizing photo alterations” against Sai Baba critics. Barry Pittard clearly contrasted himself as an ethical and moral individual who does not support or endorse “photo attacks” and “diabolizing photo alterations” against others.

First and foremost, Moreno did not create many of the composite pictures that Barry Pittard attributed to him. They were created by “PremaPerm” (a person who chooses to remain anonymous). To Date: Barry Pittard has never expressed any type of disgust or outrage at the “photo attacks” and “diabolizing photo alterations” made against Sathya Sai Baba by Ex-Devotees.

Apparently, a drawing of Sathya Sai Baba receiving oral sex from a child underneath his robe, Sathya Sai Baba made to look like a monkey and Sathya Sai Baba holding a barbell with his penis meet Barry Pittard’s wholesome standard of “morality”. The following images were posted by Reinier Van Der Sandt (a known friend & associate of Barry Pittard) on the SSB2 Yahoo Group. Reinier Van Der Sandt is the same associate of Barry Pittard who openly boasted about viewing child pornography. Needless to say, Barry Pittard adamantly refuses to say one word about the following images:

A colorized version to the oral sex drawing was posted on Sanjay Dadlani’s claimed blogs: saibabaexposed & saibabatribune. As a matter of fact, Sanjay Dadlani (a Hare Krishna congregational member and a known friend of associate of Barry Pittard) posted the following picture under the name “Azra’iL” (among several other sexually suggestive pictures of women) on the Gaudiya-Repercussions website. Sanjay subsequently changed his “Azra’iL” nic to “Brainiac” and changed his featured blog from “SaiBabaExposed” to “NeuroWhoa!” (black bar added by Moreno: Ref: Post #6):

Sanjay Dadlani is the same associate of Barry Pittard who was caught photographing teenagers, women and female students from Middlesex University under tables and up their dresses and posting these pictures on his StreetBitches Blog. To Date: Barry Pittard adamantly refuses to say one word about Sanjay Dadlani’s sexually deviant and stalking behaviors and photographs. Instead, Barry Pittard publicly defends Sanjay Dadlani and actually refers to him as “very intelligent”, “hard-working” and “writing perceptive exposures of Sai Baba and his sect”.

Sanjay Dadlani is so “very intelligent” and “perceptive”, he posted on the QuickTopic Forum (using multiple fake names, including female names) and made disgusting posts under the name “Marquis de Sade” about a large penis for anal sex, a feces-covered anus, bestiality, people vomiting into each other’s mouths and a Priest ejaculating on the face of a little girl as related by her brother. Sanjay even posted under the name “kick his head in” and said that someone should murder Sathya Sai Baba (of course, this is the same guy who rejoiced when a Sai Baba temple was bombed). Nice friend you got there, Barry!

Barry Pittard adamantly refuses to say one word about the following images of a “pornographic kind” (using Robert Priddy’s moral standards) posted on the domain belonging to Alan Kazlev (another known friend and associate of Barry Pittard):

I presume that Barry Pittard drools over these images (which he apparently considers to be decent and appropriate) because he has never (ever) voiced a single complaint against them despite his numerous loud-mouthed complaints about Moreno and PremaPerm’s images. Apparently, cartoon-like pictures of prostitutes posing seductively meet Barry Pittard’s exemplary morals, ethics and virtues! Barry Pittard has yet to say one word about Alan Kazlev’s penchant to tell raunchy and pornographic stories about erect penises, wanton sex and obscene references to women as being “cunts” (Ref).

Psuedo-moralist Barry Pittard is a co-conspirator and co-writer with Robert Priddy. Barry Pittard has never said one word about the following malicious picture of Leo Rebello that Robert Priddy published on his former angeltowns domain. Robert Priddy’s angeltowns account was deleted in its entirety due to a $1,000,000 legal threat for defamation by Leo Rebello:

Robert Priddy even posted the following pictures on his Anti-Sai Wordpress blog. The first picture calls Sathya Sai Baba “ugly, imperious and turkey-necked” and the second picture is a purposely distorted picture of Sathya Sai Baba.

Why doesn’t Barry Pittard express any outrage about these “photo attacks” and “diabolizing photo alterations”? Perhaps because Barry Pittard himself engages in “photo attacks” and posts “diabolizing photo alterations” on his WordPress blog. See for yourself (a small sampling):

In the first picture above, Barry Pittard publicly approved Reinier Van Der Sandt’s manipulated image of Sathya Sai Baba holding hands with Idi Amin, posted the “manipulated” picture on his Anti-Sai Wordpress blog and publicly defended Reinier Van Der Sandt for having created it! In the second picture above, Barry Pittard posted a purposely distorted picture of Sathya Sai Baba on his WordPress blog (attempting to deceive readers into thinking the picture was an original photo published on the SaiBabaOfIndia domain). The third and fourth pictures are typical “photo attacks” published on Barry Pittard’s Anti-Baba WordPress blog. Barry Pittard even attacks and publishes pictures of people who are not involved in the Sai Controversy.

What was that again about Barry Pittard’s complaints about “photo attacks” and “diabolizing photo alterations”? Barry Pittard is a yellow-bellied hypocrite with proof!

Barry Pittard also whined considerably about the following “photo alteration” created by Moreno of Robert Priddy (screencap taken from Barry Pittard’s WordPress blog):

About this picture, Barry Pittard said:
The following three Gerald Joe Moreno hand-crafted distortions of Robert Priddy are from Moreno’s questionably-named blogsite ‘Sathya Sai Baba – Life, Love and Spirituality’.

Needless to say, the manipulated picture of Robert Priddy has never been published on Moreno’s ‘Sathya Sai Baba – Life, Love and Spirituality’ WordPress blog. The composite image was published on Moreno’s Robert Priddy Exposed Blog. As a matter of fact, Barry Pittard’s screencap was taken from Moreno’s blogger page (not his Wordpress blog) as evidenced by the background. Apparently, Barry Pittard’s mental faculties are failing him as he is wholly unable to differentiate between two completely different blogs with two completely different backgrounds.

Robert Priddy also published the following image of Moreno (making him look like a masked terrorist) on his Anti-Baba Wordpress blog (which Wordpress subsequently forced him to delete due to copyright infringement). The big question is: WHY does Barry Pittard condemn Moreno for creating a “manipulated” image of Robert Priddy yet says absolutely nothing about Robert Priddy’s “manipulated” image of Moreno?

Despite Barry Pittard’s amusing attempts to publicly present himself as a moralist and purist, he miserably failed to explain why he permitted his 12-year-old son Sai Isa to friend a 21 year-old nudist on Myspace named Sahra who posted a soft-porn image of her nude body (baring a breast that has a pierced nipple) as her MySpace background!

Since Sai Isa is living with Barry Pittard and since Barry Pittard is well aware of his son’s MySpace account, one can only wonder why the moralist and purist Barry Pittard is not shielding his 12-year-old son from graphic, sexual and inappropriate content on MySpace.

Perhaps Barry Pittard drools over his son’s MySpace friends in tune with his highly questionable past?

So when Barry Pittard foams-at-the-mouth, gnashes his teeth and shrieks about “photo attacks” and “diabolizing photo alterations”, one can't help but to laugh out loud at him and his self-righteous posturing.

These are the types of hypocrites, moral degenerates, flip-floppers, pseudo-intellectuals and so-called “exposers” of Sathya Sai Baba. They are extremely adept in wagging their tongues but wholly inept in keeping their arguments and stories straight and consistent.

- Photoshopped Picture Attacks Against Sathya Sai Baba

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