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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sai Isa Pittard On MySpace

Sai Isa Pittard On MySpace

The picture above is a screencap to Sai Isa Pittard’s MySpace Profile. Needless to say, Sai Isa is nowhere even close to being 19 years of age (he is actually around 12 years of age). It would appear that Barry Pittard is instilling his penchant for prevarication in his son. As they say, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. According to sources, Sai Isa is living with Barry Pittard and is thereby being influenced, indoctrinated and bombarded with Anti-Baba messages on a daily basis. Considering that Sai Isa was named after Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Barry Pittard’s obsessive and unremitting smear campaigns against his former Guru are cause for concern.


It is also peculiar that pre-pubescent Sai Isa Pittard has a lesbian friend on MySpace named Lezbican. This is rather peculiar considering how Ex-Devotees often trash & bash homosexuals and lesbians in the most vile and vulgar of ways. For example, Sanjay Dadlani (a man praised by and associated with Barry Pittard) is a known gay basher as well as a known gay fantasizer. Apparently, Barry Pittard does not mind that his son is befriending sexually active women through MySpace.


It is also very disturbing that pre-pubescent Sai Isa Pittard has a 21 year-old nudist friend on Myspace named Sahra. Sahra posted a soft-porn image of her nude body (baring a breast that has a pierced nipple) as her MySpace background! Since Sai Isa is living with Barry Pittard and since Barry Pittard is well aware of his son’s MySpace account, one can only wonder why the moralist and purist Barry Pittard is not shielding his son from graphic, sexual and inappropriate content on MySpace.

Apparently, Barry Pittard does not mind that his own son is befriending a 21 year old woman who posts soft-porn images of herself on her MySpace account! Perhaps Barry Pittard drools over his son’s MySpace friends in tune with his highly questionable past?

One must also wonder what Pseudo Moralist Robert Priddy (a self-righteous friend of Barry Pittard) will have to say about Sai Isa’s MySpace behavior?

Needless to say, “friends” on MySpace must first be approved before they appear on one’s friends list. Lezbican and Sahra were approved as MySpace friends by Sai Isa, proving that Barry Pittard (his father and guardian) is either not monitoring his son’s internet behavior or doesn’t care about his son’s internet behavior.

Very troubling scenarios indeed!

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