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Friday, May 25, 2007

Will Conny Larsson Keep Barry Pittard Smiling?

Barry Pittard's friend, Conny Larsson, has now become a psychic healer!

Anti-Sai Activist turns Psychic Healer and Psychic Medium! God alone knows who Conny Larsson is trying to con with his alleged psychic healings. In the pictures below, Conny Larsson is the man in blue. This is the guy who is trying to make a sober, rational and logical argument against Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and who often rants condescendingly about frauds, cheats, etc. Conny Larsson not only gave a very intimate (and borderline inappropriate) psychic healings on a woman, he apparently also gives tantric psychic-healings, initiates others with mantras, sings bhajans, conducts expensive meditation seminars and holds the status of a "Great Meditation Teacher" among his cult-like followers in Poland and Cyprus (Reference).

CLICK TO ENLARGEConny Larsson Conducting A Funny, Full-Body Psychic Healing On A Woman. Would you allow your wife, daughter, husband or son (Conny has openly claimed he is bi-sexual) to be held like this by a psychic healer?

CLICK TO ENLARGEConny Larsson Conducting A Psychic Healing On A Woman In A Chair

CLICK TO ENLARGEConny Larsson Conducting A Funny Psychic Healing By Holding A Womans Feet. Notice the modified tantric position and alignment of sexual organs?

A Swedish article talking about Conny Larsson's "private" healing sessions where he uses crystal pendulums to diagnose ills and detect blockages in the aura.

A Swedish article talking about Conny Larsson being a "trans-medium" and that he uses a crystal pendulum to determine which chakra is blocked. If your chakras are blocked, Conny will unblock a price. In this instance, 600 Swedish Krona or US $87.

I think I can confidently state that these pictures prove that Conny Larsson is suffering from some sort of Guru-complex and thinks he is empowered to instruct and initiate others with mantras, bhajans, meditation techniques and psychic healings! Another high-profile Anti-Sai Activist exposed. It is ironic that Conny Larsson referred to himself as a "clown" in the past. Conny's first book was called "God's Little Clown". His second book was called "Behind The Clown's Mask". After looking at the pictures above, I think the clown epithet is entirely appropriate.

The blunt truth of the matter is that Conny Larsson is a physically unattractive person and it appears he is attempting to get the attention (sexual and otherwise) he craves through selling himself as a Guru, Teacher, Psychic Healer, Mantra Bestower, Vedic Master, etc. I wonder how many Anti-Sai Activists are following Conny Larsson into Gurudom? I already know that Barry Pittard gave women "kundalini healings" (which, more than likely, resulted in his out-of-wedlock son being born to a 21 year-old when he was 58 and old enough to be her grandfather).


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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Will Satch Purcell Keep Barry Pittard Smiling?

Information About Sathya ‘Satch’ Purcell:
“Satch Purcell” and “Sathya Purcell” are the same person. Satch is the domain owner for “” (a website where he solicits his services as an acupuncturist and herbalist). This domain name resolves to:

Purcell Acupuncture
Sathya Purcell
235 West Lincolin Ave Apt 8
Orange, CA 92865
Phone: 1-714-998-4463

The phone number resolves to:

Sathya Purcell (714) 998-4463 Orange, CA 92862
Taniya Purcell (714) 998-4463 Orange, CA 92862

Therefore, “Satch Purcell” and “Sathya Purcell” are one and the same. Also Taniya Nayani Weerasuriya Purcell signed the bogus Sai Petition against Sathya Sai Baba.

CLICK TO ENLARGE‘Satch’ Purcell As An Acupuncturist

Young Sathya Purcell As A Sai Devotee

Comment: Sathya 'Satch' Purcell (henceforth referred to 'Satch') is submitting a series of letters to the ExBaba website critical of Sathya Sai Baba. Therefore, this webpage will be updated accordingly.

About Sharon Purcell And Sathya Sai Baba:
Sharon Purcell (now deceased) was from Tustin, California and was allegedly devoted to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for 32 years before she defected due to the sexual abuse allegations leveled against him.

After her defection from Sai Baba, Sharon Purcell (Satch's mother) stated in an email to Glen Meloy that she believed Sai Baba was a "monster", a "demon from the astral world" and was "concerned that the late Walter and Elsie Cowan may have ended up in an astral demon's realm". How's that for a sober, rational and logical argument against Sathya Sai Baba? Sharon also doubted Baba because she was in labor for 46 hours and was deeply hurt because she did not get an interview in 1991. Sharon Purcell also advocated for Tal Brooke's book, "Avatar of the Night" (written by a Fundamentalist Christian whose stories have never been corroborated by any alleged witness in 30+ years). Gary Purcell divorced Sharon in 1977 (when Satch was 4 years old).

Sharon Purcell told Glen Meloy that she was prepared to spend the rest of her life exposing Sai Baba's alleged sexual molestations on innocent boys and young men and prayed that other people would come forward with their stories. Sharon Purcell died on February 15th 2003 (while in her 60's) of Lou Gehrig's disease and left no original articles or words against Sathya Sai Baba except a few sentences uttered on an Argentinean TV program (directed by the atheist, Alejandro Agostinelli) which said:

“Well, you know what? I believed he was God… he did do one thing that I can't explain, that's why I think that he is some kind of an astral demon.”

My Life As Sathya Sai Baba's Prophecy (Part 1)

Satch Purcell is writing a series of articles against Sathya Sai Baba in which he reinterprets his family's miraculous experiences with their former Indian Guru.

Sathya Sai Baba correctly foretold to Barry Pittard (when he was allegedly observing celibacy) that he would have a son several years before he actually did (Reference). Like Barry Pittard, Sathya Sai Baba correctly foretold to Gary and Sharon Purcell that they would give birth to a son (which occurred 2 years later). Sathya Sai Baba told Gary and Sharon to name the child after him, hence the name “Sathya Sai Purcell”. Satch Purcell “now thinks” (he doesn't remember) that as a toddler, he stuck a medallion that Baba materialized for him into a socket. Although a piece of the medallion was burned off (indicating it was made of metal), it mysteriously did not conduct electricity and Satya Purcell was not hurt. Regarding this experience, Satch Purcell said:

“Such instances, filtered through the pious mind, show how easy it is for Sai Baba's fame to spread by sudden leaps and bounds.

Satch Purcell begins his Anti-Sai series with a meaningless example, citing a story he does not even remember. I am sure that any mother who saw a flash of light, heard an electrical sound and found her toddler behind a sofa with a burned metal medallion would be thanking God profusely.

It is amusing that Sathya Purcell is attempting to reinterpret his experiences as non-miraculous when most Anti-Sai Activists hold the view that Sathya Sai Baba does possess genuine paranormal powers.

Barry Pittard said:

“I can tell you that I and others have witnessed hundreds - and ones of the most profoundly beautiful sort - both mediated in his own person and in places far from him but in their style connected with him. My own view is this: that they are happening on a tremendously wide scale; that they cannot all be explained away as faked...From November 1975, I began to experience many profound and beautiful phenomena. Wherever I travelled in the world, they manifested far away from, yet were often clearly related to, his physical presence on the planet...I have many times experienced supranormal phenomena related to him, which there is no explaining away...Their sheer magnitude round the globe is bound to attract history’s final verdict that they are real, and do happen. (I have, by the way, found many rationalists and sceptics just as biased as many religionists)...” (Reference)

Robert Priddy (another ex-devotee) said:

“Some of what I experienced of SSB's extraordinary and positive powers through many years is undeniable, even after the most rigorous skeptical investigations, and I do not regard him as any ordinary human being. I have simply had to realize that his actions in the worldly and human sphere are not infallible and are not always setting a perfect example for others.” (Reference)

My Life As Sathya Sai Baba’s Prophecy (Part 2)

This is Satch Purcell’s second article in which he attempted (once again) to make the case that Sathya Sai Baba is a lousy fraud magician whose lousy fraud magician materializations are as clear as day. Funny enough (as stated before), even some of the most vocal Anti-Sai Activists believe that Sathya Sai Baba does possess genuine paranormal powers. Confusingly, these critics believe that Sathya Sai Baba both fakes and performs genuine materializations (how’s that for being confused?). Also, it appears the ExBaba admin is enhancing Satch’s articles with Anti-Sai links because they forgot to add Robert Priddy’s link to his bogus “green diamond” claim and left a note in the article that said “ROBERT RING XXX” (which clearly was not written by Satch).

Sharon Purcell told Glen Meloy that Satch Purcell:

“remembers vividly having to jump out of the way when they were still sweeping the blood from the temple later that morning” (a claim often repeated by Anti-Sai Activists)

However, Satch Purcell related his memory of the event and made no mention to seeing any blood and claimed the mess was “cleaned up before the masses could see it”. As a matter of fact, Satch only recalled being at Whitefield and said absolutely nothing about being at Puttaparthi on his 1993 trip with Hal Honig!

It is clear that Satch Purcell is attempting to pick up where his mother (Sharon Purcell) left off. Deeply hurt about his mother’s premature death from a severe illness and her belief that Baba could perform genuine miracles (which made her think Baba was an astral demon), Satch Purcell is attempting to make a case against Sathya Sai Baba. The end result is that Satch’s entire case is based on numerous hearsay claims and attempts to convince people that Baba hid watches, necklaces, rings, vibuthi and a shiva lingam in cloth handkerchiefs hanging from the side of his chair (in full view of everyone present).

Satch Purcell never claimed seeing Baba reach into his chair, behind his chair, etc. If anyone could hide all those items in handkerchiefs hanging from the side of a chair in full view of everyone present, that would be a miracle. Needless to say, Sathya Sai Baba’s miracles are not limited to his person and there are literally thousands of international claims of miracles directly attributed to Sathya Sai Baba. The following links provide some examples:


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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sathya Sai Baba’s Genuine Powers

Exposing Barry Pittard
The Australian Pit-Bull Of The Anti-Sai Movement

Barry Pittard flip-flops so often in his smear campaigns against Sathya Sai Baba it is very difficult to take him or his wishy-washy arguments at face value.

First of all, Barry Pittard was so devoted to Sathya Sai Baba that he named his own son after him. Barry Pittard wrote an article in Spiritual Impressions (a Sai Towers publication) claiming that Sathya Sai Baba foretold he would have a son. Barry was doubtful because he was (at the time) allegedly observing brahmacarya.

Isn’t it ironic that Barry Pittard wages gutter, vitriolic and bitter smear-campaigns against a Guru whose name he repeats day and night with love and fatherly affection? Every time Barry Pittard looks at his son, he is reminded of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

It should also come as no surprise that Barry Pittard fully believes that Sathya Sai Baba does possess genuine paranormal powers. As a matter of fact, Barry Pittard said:

“You mention witnessing Sai Baba’s performance of miracles. I can tell you that I and others have witnessed hundreds - and ones of the most profoundly beautiful sort - both mediated in his own person and in places far from him but in their style connected with him. My own view is this: that they are happening on a tremendously wide scale; that they cannot all be explained away as faked; that they are phenomena not at present rationally understood but different from Sai Baba’s view of them; and that there is nonetheless the utmost moral and ethical requirement for us to view any dark side fearlessly, and without going into psychological denial. It is hard, but, as ever in the case of spiritual development, the hard way can often be the good way, because it relentlessly blows away the stereotypical roadblocks of the ever encumbering mind.” –Barry Pittard to in an email to Brian O’Leary

From November 1975, I began to experience many profound and beautiful phenomena. Wherever I travelled in the world, they manifested far away from, yet were often clearly related to, his physical presence on the planet. By November 26,1977, I first caught sight of him. I had mentally prayed, telling no one else, that on my arrival in Puttaparthy, he would come right up from wherever he was and personally greet me. I had just arrived when he mounted the stage, about to speak. I sat next to a well known Sai Baba devotee and friend Nanda Kishore of Arsenal, London and other men from the Russell Square Sai Baba centre to which we belonged. Sai Baba was about to speak into the microphone. He looked across a gap of two or more hundred yards, stopped what he was doing, crossed the broad stage, looking at me most of the time, then did something I have never in hundreds of public appearances seen him do. He abandoned security, and still maintaining - unmistakably - eye to eye contact with me, walked right into the crowds of seated men and made a track right to me and stood for a long time with his hand on my head in blessing. He certainly seemed to say, ‘Hullo Barry,’ exactly as he had done in a dream in London around June 1976, but I could have been mistaken because singing was taking place. I have had thousands of experiences that transcend scientific or intellectual explanation. Although he undoubtedly fakes miracles, plagiarizes the sayings of others, and makes many mistakes in his predictions and in his statements about history, my opinion differs from a few of my esteemed colleagues among his former followers. I have many times experienced supranormal phenomena related to him, which there is no explaining away. Unlike countless devotees and former devotees, I do not think that he DOES these phenomena as such. I think that some principle that we have not yet scientifically understood is at work, as it were THROUGH him, and, beyond, in connection with him. I also think that there needs to be unbiased enquiry into some of the implications of these powers (which relate to him whether the recipient is in or even far beyond his physical presence). Their sheer magnitude round the globe is bound to attract history’s final verdict that they are real, and do happen. (I have, by the way, found many rationalists and sceptics just as biased as many religionists). The world may have a degree of trouble on its hands. That powers of such profound beauty and outreach can mask and co-extend with deeds so heinous is surely of especial concern. That they markedly influence countless thousands of people in the highest echelons of power round the world is something worth questioning.” –Barry Pittard On QuickTopic

Even ex-devotees and critics of Sathya Sai Baba concede that Sai Baba’s paranormal powers cannot be explained, are genuine and occur on a world-wide scale unparalleled in known history. These are the same ex-devotees and critics who attempt to portray themselves as rational and logical and repeatedly claim that Sai Baba is a fraud magician and a trickster.

Anti-Sai Activists (including Barry Pittard) cannot make a sober and consistent argument against Sri Satya Sai Baba. They can only smear, propagandize, embellish and resort to baseless rumors, gossip and ad hominem attacks.

Barry Pittard claims that he is “an international coordinator in attempts to bring Sai Baba to justice” and is a coordinator belonging to the bogus “global coalition” F.D.S.S.B. Barry Pittard & Co attempt to whitewash, ignore and dismiss Alaya Rahm’s Failed Lawsuit Against The Sathya Sai Baba Society, which revealed crucial and very disturbing information purposely suppressed about Alaya Rahm.

Barry Pittard attacks Sathya Sai Baba as both genuine and fraudulent, divine and human, light and dark. Unable to explain away the enigma of Sai Baba, Pittard sticks his foot in his mouth and leaves the door open just enough to compromise all of his arguments against his former Guru.

Let us hope that Barry's son does not develop some sort of mental complex when he grows up to realize that his name belongs to a Guru whom critics (including his own father) fallaciously call a “pedophile”, “homosexual” and a “fraud”. I feel sorry for Barry Pittard but feel even more sorry for his son, who bears the name of his father’s deeply-rooted negative obsession.

Barry, get some psychological help before you ruin your son’s life.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Lecturer At Sathya Sai Baba's Whitefield College?

Exposing Barry Pittard
The Australian Pit-Bull Of The Anti-Sai Movement

Barry Pittard made the following claims about being a "lecturer" at Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Whitefield College:
"By Barry Pittard, Australia, former Lecturer, Sri Sathya Sai College of the Arts, Science and Commerce, Whitefield, Karnataka."

"I was a lecturer in SSB's first (and very prestigious) college outside Bangalore back in 1978-79."

"I am a former English Lecturer in Sathya Sai Baba's vast educational establishment, where I taught at his Whitefield College in 1978-79, via Bangalore, in south India."

About these claims, the following is to be noted:
From Sathyam Sivam, Sundarm Volume 5 page 64-65:

The first institute of higher education founded by Baba was the College of Arts and Science for Women at Anantapur in 1968; the second was the College for Men at Brindavan, Whitefield, in 1969. These were residential colleges ... In 1979, a college for Men was established at Prashanti Nilayam, The Colleges at Anantapur and Prashanti Nilayam were affiliated to the Sri Venkateswara University in Andrha Pradesh and the college at Brindavan was under the Bangalore University in Karnakata ... Sri Sathya Sai Colleges at Prashanti Nilayam and Whitefield had only under-graduate courses and the college at Anantapur had only one post-graduate course in Telugu language apart from under-graduate courses.

from page 68:

On the reccomendation of the University Grants Commission, the Government of India conferred the status of Deemed University on the College at Prashanti Nilayam. The good news was announced to a packed Poornachandra Hall on Vijaya Dasami day on the 8th of October 1981 ... on 22nd of November 1981, the inauguration of the Deemed University - Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning by the Honourable Chief
Justice of the Supeme Court of India, Sir Y.V. Chandrachud, in the presence of Bhagavan Baba, who blessed the University by becoming its Chancellor. V.K. Gokak was vice chancellor.

Therefore, Barry Pittard allegedly lectured in English and Drama for a total of a few months (not two, full, consecutive years as Barry Pittard erroneously claimed) at the Whitefield Campus before it became the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and before it became renown as a prestigious University.

Barry Pittard also attempts to make it appear as if he recently lectured at Baba's Whitefield College because he often leaves out the fact that he lectured in 1978-1979 or 27 years ago. He also insists he taught at Baba's college for 2 full years when, in fact, he taught for a total of a few months at most. During his time teaching there, he never received any complaints of sexual abuse or molestation from any student against Sathya Sai Baba. The Brindavan Campus existed as a separate institute prior to the creation of SSSIHL, by about ten years. Barry Pittard was long gone by the time.

In those days Sathya Sai Baba appointed several Westerners to teach English Literature. For example, Paul William Roberts gave a brief account of his time as a teacher at the Brindavan Campus during 74-75 in his book "Empire of the Soul" (Harper Collins India, ISBN 0773727388) in which he described his teaching duties as "hardly onerous" and that he spent most of his time "explaining plots and leaping around acting out scenes". Barry Pittard would have encountered something similar.

Barry Pittard was not paid to teach at Sathya Sai Baba's Whitefield College. To date, Barry Pittard has yet to provide any credentials that he possessed that would have entitled him to teach at any College as a lecturer or Professor in English or Drama.

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